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Spin-orbit coupling of light

Incident polarization can be exploited to dynamically tune device functionality, without using active materials. All the complexity of light-matter interaction is stored on metasurface.


Spin-dependent optics with metasurfaces
Our recent review on spin-dependent optics.
Nanophotonics 6, 215 (2017)

Flexible plasmonic spin-Hall effect
Independent local orbitals of SPP generated from LCP and RCP incidence based on the plasmonic spin-Hall effect, Rotating linear polarization to play movie.
Nature Communications 6, 8360 (2015) (news)
Mapping to a metric picture in generating caustic:
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 243901 (2018)

Spin-induced control of OAM
Metasurface offers a high resolution spin-induced control of orbital angular momentum wand wavefront of incident beam. 
Nano Lett. 13, 4148 (2013)

Wave front engineering from an array of thin aperture antennas
Spin-dependent beam steering and focusing with geometric phase elements,  
Opt. Exp. 20, 15882 (2012). 

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